Retail Census

Knowing Your Customer (KYC) is one of the most important aspect of any commercial activity, including retail distribution business. With Louder census module, you will now have complete access to all the shops in your universe. Information that you can view includes General Information (Name, Address, Cell No, Channel, and Owner Name), Coverage Information (Order Book Name, Route Day, Frequency), Competition & Own Brands (Numeric & Off-take) and Pictures (Including Orientation, Transition, Destination & Impulse Zone Pictures). You will also know the location of all your shops on the map for navigation and planning your DSR level routing as per established best practices. We understand that the market is dynamic with new shops appearing and other shops get closing at the same time. We have kept our census live, so that information is updated continuously and every time there is an actual change on ground, it is reflected in our data as well. You can also view this information anytime and anywhere from your mobile app.